Find Joy and Hope Through Counseling

Meet Lisa

Lisa Adair is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a passion for helping people overcome personal hurts and struggles.


Lisa Adair offers confidential online or in-person counseling  with extended evening hours as options. Find out how we can help.

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Ready to take a step towards freedom? Are you tired of being bugged down by personal hurts and struggles? Get help today.

Are you seeking help because you want to make your life or relationship better?

Ever feel persistently sad or extremely anxious in life? Maybe life has felt difficult and hard. Insecurity, self-doubt, irritability, racing thoughts, restlessness, general discontentment, guilt, or mood swings seem out of control? Does hopelessness overwhelm you sometimes? Perhaps your relationships aren’t fulfilling and you don’t understand why. You’ve tried to turn your life around, but you’ve not been successful. You feel stuck. 

The GOOD NEWS is individual or couples counseling can help.

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